Heart to Heart

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  • DatesSunday 26th & Monday 27th January 2020
  • Times7.30pm


  • Full Price£12
  • Concessions£10


Heart to Heart is four intimate miniatures exploring adolescent confusion, later age hindsight, the legacy of distressed childhood and the difficulty in being open to the people we love.

Blackpool by Kit Withington, directed by Hannah Jones

A play about fear, love, friendships and two girls standing on the very edge of womanhood (and Blackpool Pleasure Beach), this is a story about teenage connection.

Inside by Felix O’Brien, directed by Saul Reid

Through the combative relationship between a zealous nun and a teenager, Inside explores themes of motherhood, and the effects of trauma and separation.

Difficult Conversations by Hannah Duffy, directed by Velenzia Spearpoint

Difficult Conversations gives breathing space to hard and uncomfortable exchanges, confronting the idea of a one sided conversation through a day in the life of a woman struggling with contemporary pressures.

Sketches by Francis Elvans, directed by Jessica Bickel-Barlow

Having spent a lifetime together, Laurence and Jean find themselves invited to discuss the things they have never had the courage to speak about. A play about hindsight and closure.