Modern Times

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  • Dates9th - 13th April 2019
  • TimesTuesday to Saturday @ 7.30pm
    Saturday @ 2.30pm


  • Full Price£12.50
  • Concessions£10


A series of new, one-act plays from award-winning playwrights chosen from over 1000 plays. Each play offers a unique insight into being a woman today, and brings a new perspective to the way we live now: always exciting, mostly extraordinary and sometimes with terrifying immediacy.

William Ribo

Nicole Burley
Elif Knight
Glenn Gaunt (Asst. Director- Olivia Stone)
Lucia Cox
William Ribo

Kate Milner-Evans
Andrew McDonald
Helena Tang-Grosso
Sarah Assaf
Natalia Ryumina
Vincent La Torre
Sara Corso
Sarah-Jane Dent
Jennifer Oliver
Robert Black
Kiera Lane
Chloe Jane Millar
Aaron McCallum Hepple
Alma Reising
Irwin Doyle
Alicia Colak
Nick Mauldin
Rory Moncaster
Madeleine Meurman
Philip Gill
Abigail Richardson
Matthew MacLachlan
Caitlin Wood
Tristan Beney

The Indomitable Mrs Rothman

by Tajlei Levis

The financial crisis of 2008 has trapped divorcee Phyllis Rothman in her grand Park Avenue apartment which she cant afford to keep, but is unable to sell. Her ex-husband, a recently fired Wall Street tycoon, proposes a strategy to help each other until the economy improves.

Dreaming of Chekhov

by Bixby Elliot

A woman can't decide if she should take a trip to Moscow.... luckily Anton Chekhov arrives to help her make a decision.


by Aimee Rutherford

Jean and Rosaline are sisters. Jean, a recovering alcoholic, was forced to give her baby up for adoption. A secret is being hidden from her. Once the secret is out, the whole family's future is thrown into question.

Bridges Apart

by Hannah Sowerby

Set in a small village in Cumbria, during Storm Desmond and the floods that followed, a storm-wrecked bridge makes it difficult for Rosie and James to admit their feelings for each other.

Deal Breaker

by Kate Reid

A series of 'morning-after' conversations between Rosie and Sam. The differences between the way that Rosie and Sam view their relationship – and view all relationships – challenge the stereotypical male/female dynamics of monogamy, jealousy and sex.


by Mike McGeever

Independent Consultant: Astrophysicist Roberto Trotta of Imperial College London, via Imperial Consultants

Marie, a graduate student in physics waiting for a train, encounters a teacher who suggests a route that will change her life forever.

The Asteroid

by Jeff Nolan

An asteroid is going to destroy the planet.  Little does Paul know, there may be even worse news ahead.