Our Last First

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  • Dates 16th - 19th November 2021
  • Time7.30pm


  • Full Price£18


Four actors walk onto the stage. Uncast. With one story to tell. But who will tell it?

Our Last First follows the lives of A&B, as we watch them go through the firsts (and lasts) of their relationship, and meet the people along the way who alter their journey. Cast live at the start of each performance, each show is guaranteed to be unique, as relationships are.

Written without pronouns, genders, ages or physical descriptions of any kind, the play is designed to be played by any and every actor. For far too long romantic leads in theatre have all looked the same, not reflecting the society we live in. Everyone experiences love, it is universal, so why aren't we seeing everyone represented on stage. "Our Last First" is changing that.

Writer - Lucinda Coyle
Director - Stanley Walton
Designer - Beth Colley