Oxblood Red

  • A New Rock Opera byGlenn Charles


  • Dates5th & 6th November 2017
  • Times7.30pm


  • Tickets£10 Sold Out

Running Time

  • 60 Minutes

Strong Language Throughout


Big Terry Swan wakes up on his 60th birthday feeling sad and alone, stuck in a Poplar tower block. As an old skinhead with traditional values, he struggles to understand how and why the society he once knew so well and felt so connected to, has changed beyond all recognition in his lifetime.

His wife and kids have long gone, and the mates he grew up with, have all moved out to Essex. He knows he has been left behind, but he needs to salvage just a morsel of self-worth on a day he thought he would never reach. So, he goes for a walk round his old East End, to reflect on his life and try to work out where he goes from here.

Oxblood Red; A Skinhead Saga is the story of Big Terry’s birthday journey, told in poetic narration, interspersed with original songs.

Cast and Creatives


Mary Gibson
Benjy Gibson
Lauren Harris
Will Timbers
Amanda Thompson
Bill Breden
Glenn Charles


Chris Terrill

Musical Director
Fred Gibson

Brian Lovett

Nick Paterson-Jones