Play it Forward

The Launch of Play it Forward Theatre Seats.

The Union Theatre and Tamzin Cook Creative.

Contact: Press, questions bulk bookings please contact


It’s going to be a hard winter. Theatres and in particular small theatres aren’t going to get the financial help they need from a government who put a lunatic in charge. Lower income people need a break but won’t be able to afford it.

What do we do?

Devise strategies to get us through. Support the venues, support the shows, support the local communities. Stand up and ask for the money while offering people on low income the chance to see a local show.

What’s Play it Forward?

It’s a simple premise. Buy a ticket for a designated show (Ghostlight) at a local theatre (The Union). Email your ticket confirmation to and that seat is donated to a low income local, young person at risk or local student

Who can buy these seats?

Anyone, absolutely anyone. It could be local audience members, friends, relatives, random people who support the arts and they don’t even need to be in the country. We aren’t picky, in fact, you don’t like theatre, that’s fine, just buy a ticket for someone who can enjoy a night out.

When is this happening?

We are running a trial via a show at the Union Theatre running between 27th October and the 5th November. Ghostlight is the trial for Play It Forward Theatre Seats

We hope for a rip-roaring success so we can roll this out to other theatres. Spread the word , buy a seat, save small venues and new writing. Give someone a night out.