Summer Solstice


  • Dates
    20 June 2022 - 25 June 2022
  • Times
  • 7.30pm


  • Full Price£18
  • Concessions£15


Theo and Alba are very different people. Or maybe not so different. They meet at a Summer Solstice festival in the year 2000, and immediately hit it off. Despite being betrothed or married to another already, Theo and Alba make a pact. A pact that will see them through nearly two decades of their lives; the ups, the downs, the good, bad and downright ugly. The only constant is each other, a love between them that neither of them can quite comprehend.

Alba is engaged to top lawyer Julian, due to marry him imminently. Despite her extremely low self-esteem, she’s determined to become a successful lawyer herself, one half of a powerhouse legal couple. Theo is married to Kacey whose decline into alcoholism leaves him struggling and unable to fulfil his own ambition of becoming a world-renowned musician.

Every June they meet at the place where they first met, a constantly changing restaurant challenging them to try new cuisines alongside getting to know each other. Here they share their deepest feelings, help solve each other’s problems and ultimately fall deeper in love.


Mel Masry

Anya Fedorova

Leon / Front Narrator

Tim Dankert


Assistant Director
Ehab. M

Aidan Butler

Production Co.
Telling Pictures