The Art of Conversation

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  • DateFriday 6th November 2020
  • Time7.30pm


  • Full Price£22.50

In order to make the venue Covid-Safe, we have taken out all of the theatre seating and placed "Bubbles" of seats into the auditorium. By reducing capacity and increasing the floor space for the audience we have created a safe space for you.

Each bubble will accommodate either 4 people or 2 people.

A 4 person "Bubble" is £90 plus booking fee
A 2 person "Bubble" is £45 plus booking fee.

Thank you for you patience and support in this really difficult time.


Nadine Higgin, Craige Els, Sejal Keshwala, Tosh Wangoho-Maud and Laura Tyrer will come together (Socially Distanced) to perform the first ever “The Art of CONVERSATION” Four stories. Five actors. One night.

The cast will perform four short plays in an intimate Cabaret style setting at The Union Theatre. The plays include "An Angel Intrudes" by Floyd Dell, a charming and quirky comedy. "Enemies" by Neith Boyce & Hutchins Hapgood, an up close and personal look at a couple on the brink of destruction. "A Matter of Husbands" by Ferenc Molnar, one of Hollywoods greatest Actresses finds herself faced with an unwelcome visitor. "The Balconies" by Matt Krzan & David O’Reilly, a hilarious look at three neighbours and the conversations that take place from their balconies.