Wrath of Achilles

Edinburgh preview

  • Written byJack Fairey
  • Music Composed byGeorge Jennings
  • Directed byJoe Malyan
  • Costumes Designed byAnne Thomson
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  • Dates28th and 29th July 2019
  • Times8pm


  • Full Price£12
  • Concessions£11

Running time 55 minutes


The Trojan War rages.

As the Greek army throws themselves against Troy’s impenetrable walls, three desperate lives are woven together by the Fates.

A godlike warrior; his devoted companion; an enslaved queen. The three find a kindred spirit amongst the bloodshed, unaware that the choices they make will shape the course of ancient history.

Bedivere Arts’ new adaptation of Homer’s Iliad, complete with a cinematic original score by acclaimed composer George Jennings, explores modern ideas of masculinity and gender.

‘Undeniably rising stars in the theatre scene’ - Wokingham Paper on ‘Subject To Time’ 2018