Wrath of Achilles

Edinburgh preview

  • Written byJack Fairey
  • Music Composed byGeorge Jennings
  • Directed byJoe Malyan
  • Costumes Designed byAnne Thomson
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  • Dates28th and 29th July 2019
  • Times8pm


  • Full Price£12
  • Concessions£11

Running time 55 minutes


The Trojan War rages.

As the Greek army throws themselves against Troy’s impenetrable walls, three desperate lives are woven together by the Fates.

A godlike warrior; his devoted companion; an enslaved queen. The three find a kindred spirit amongst the bloodshed, unaware that the choices they make will shape the course of ancient history.

Bedivere Arts’ new adaptation of Homer’s Iliad, complete with a cinematic original score by acclaimed composer George Jennings, explores modern ideas of masculinity and gender.

‘Undeniably rising stars in the theatre scene’ - Wokingham Paper on ‘Subject To Time’ 2018

"The tensions between the four are vividly brought to life; Achilles’ warrior-like actions and the contradictions of his violent behaviours and his philosophical outlook on life and war, plus his homoerotic relationship with Patroclus, are brought out in a startlingly vivid and shape-shifting performance by Michael Ayiotis.
The women here are not the voiceless chattels of the original, but are rightly vocal in a very modern way about their status as mere prizes of war to be quarrelled over by the men."
Bath Echo Review

"You had the audience in the palm of your hands from start to finish, completely mesmerised by the strong acting, beautiful set, costumes and stunning singing - such a talented young company full of all-rounders."
Audience Feedback

"Poetic, powerful aesthetic. Achilles is theatre in it's purest form. The music is an ethereal thread that weaves the Gods and mortals in a breathtaking tapestry."
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"55 minutes of thought provoking theatre"
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