Established in 2000, RAaW creates a magical place, using film, theatre and community engagement to spark change and celebrate humanity. We work with adults, children and communities across the UK, particularly those who don’t have a voice. At the heart of all our work lies a humanitarian spirit and ethos, We push boundaries and discover new ways of producing work that challenges and incites change in audiences and communities.

The actor training branch of RAaW London operates at The Union every Saturday. RAaW training is bespoke, radical and organic. We work on sharpening the skills that bring out individuality and celebrate differences. We are small enough to, over time, understand and respect each actor for who they are at their core and work on building their seed with The Stevens techniques, in order to grow. For us, the person, is the important thing.

We offer very affordable actor training and every penny we make goes straight back into building up the training in the course and platforming the students in film and theatre.

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RAaW prides itself on producing fresh, current, and challenging theatre which culminates in RAaW actors being platformed annually at The Union Theatre. Our high-quality productions stem from the strong backbone of the company’s training program, which provides a support system for growing actors and artists to receive professional training and develop an exceptional work ethic.