Your Visit

How we work at The Union Theatre:

If you are ordering via PHONE

  • Please leave a name, contact details and ticket requirements and we will make the booking for you.
  • You can then pick up and pay for your tickets at the Box Office up to an hour before the performance starts.
  • Please Note: If you do not hear back from us, you can assume the booking has been successful.

If you are ordering ONLINE

  • Once you have booked and paid for your tickets, you’ll receive an email confirmation.
  • Bring that with you and then collect your tickets from the Box Office up to an hour before the performance starts.


  • Box Office works on a first come, first serve basis.
  • The house will open 10 minutes prior to the start of the performance and we call in the audience in groups of 10.
  • Once you have checked in with a member of our staff, you will be given a token, with a number from 1-6, and this number will be the group you’ll go into the theatre (10 number 1’s, 10 number 2’s etc.).
  • Seats are ALL UNRESERVED and so the earlier you get to us, the better choice of seat you are going to have!
  • Please Note: Feel free to come early and make use of our ‘Over the Road Cafe’ or sit in our Beer Garden with a beverage of your choosing!