Beyond Ourselves

  • Created for the Ardent8 Ensemble and written by
    Andrew Muir


  • Dates
    7 November 2023 - 12 November 2023
  • Times
  • Tuesday to Friday at 7.30pm
  • Matinee on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 2pm


  • Full Price£10
  • Concession£8


A group of recent performing arts graduates take over an empty space with the intention of creating something. Anything, it doesn’t matter. A moment that can be shared with an audience if in fact any audience ever turns up to see it. But should that matter? Is art created for an audience or for the artist themselves?
BEYOND OURSELVES is a new play created for the Ardent8 Ensemble and written by Andrew Muir which aims a spotlight on the current state of our creative industry for those young graduates wishing to make a career out of it. The obstacles they face and the drive and determination to overcome them. A dream turned sour and then turned sweet again with the help of a song, a prop and a touch of rouge, this story aims to ignite the flame that is so often blown out.


Callum Diaz

Eddie Drummond

Danielle Laurence

Caoimhe Mackin

Thoma O'Neil

India Pignatiello

Jacob Rayner Blair

Annabel Worsfold


Andrew Muir
Writer & Director

Charlie Speck
Lighting Designer

Kevin Wilson PR
Press & Pr

Sean Longmore
Publicity Design

Gigi Pacifico
Social Media Manager

Chloe Brown
Stage Manager