Echoing Silence

  • Written by
    Vasileia Kenanoglou & Thodoris Papadimitriou


  • Dates
    28 January 2024
  • Times
  • 5.00 pm


  • Full Price£17
  • Concession Price£15

Running Time

  • 80 mins plus interval


Words, what are they? What is the meaning of a word? Is the meaning of a word the same for me and you? Do we all perceive the same thing? Can the meaning of a word change through the years? What is normal, real, true and what is not? Am I allowed not to know the answer?

Stuck in her room in the big city, a young woman struggles to find herself, to communicate and to fight her demon, a cello. Will she win? Will she find hope and liberation? Even though she hates monologues, the only way for her to communicate and to truly connect seems to be through a monologue.

Echoing Silence is an immersive play with original music performed live. The text is influenced and inspired from the Theatre of the Absurd, mainly from French writers.

Focusing on the life in a big city before and during the lockdown, the play brings up and discusses subjects such as truth, lie, loneliness, and explores ways of self-empowerment and finding hope.

The one act play premiered in Greece. The show will be performed in English.

Act 2 will be comprised of original cello music composed and performed by Vasileia Kenanoglou & Thodoris Papadimitriou.


Vasileia Kenanoglou

Thodoris Papadimitriou


Nikos Ortetzatos