‘Troupe 22’s annual New Writers Festival is back for its second year, with 3 brand new plays, from 3 up-and-coming writer/directors, bringing you 3 very different stories’


  • Dates
    29 May 2024 - 30 May 2024
  • Times
  • 29th at 7pm
  • 30th at 2.30pm & 7pm


  • Full Price£14


Producers : Francesca Woods & Bethanie Hayes

Production Assistant : Rachel Elizabeth Smith

Technician : Amalia Cohen

Poster Design : Melissa Frateantonio

Choreographer for Shhh! : Shani Kantor

Writer & Directors :

‘Shhhh!’ The Musical by Pelumi Adedayo-Bamidele

‘Alone, Together’ by Francesca Woods

‘Who Killed Timothy?’ by Bethanie Hayes


Our 3 short plays include:

  • ‘Shhhh!’ A New 1 Act Musical set in ‘Happy Valley’ where being sad is a no-show, no-go kind of thing – so don’t mention the D word, whatever you do…

  • ‘Alone, Together’ a devised play that confronts the unspoken universal experience of Loneliness, in a seemingly very ‘Together’ modern world.

  • ‘Who killed Timothy?’ is about Timothy Wheelbarrow who meets an untimely demise at 09:09:09. In the Land Of The Dead, the Almighty is tasked with capturing the soul responsible and condemning them to eternal darkness.

  • (an experimental physical theatre piece set in the in-between around a murder mystery, that may or may not be about Timothy)



Fenella Watkins Hale

Precious Oguntoyinbo

Aoife Moss

Premo Miriki

Elise Lambert

Chloe Lauren Cheung

Matias Hazel Wood

Alone, Together

Rachel Elizabeth Smith

Gianlorenzo Neri

Jennifer Adams

Harrison Booth

Chloe Lauren Cheung

Francesca Woods

Who Killed Timothy?

Myles Lovell

Chloe Ray

Bethanie Hayes