Frank’s Closet – The Cult Hit Musical Returns!

  • Written & Composed by
    Stuart Wood

An outré Classic of 21st century British musical theatre.

'A dazzling, kitsch wonder: steeped in cultural history, hilarious, irreverent, triumphant'
Time Out, London


  • Dates
    6 March 2024 - 30 March 2024
  • Times
  • Tuesday to Saturday at 7.30pm
  • Saturday Matinee at 2pm
  • Sunday Matinee at 4pm


  • Preview tickets 6th - 10th March£25
  • Full Price from 12th March£30
  • Cabaret Table Seating, per person£40
  • Pizza & a Glass of Wine or Beer £15

Running Time

  • 120 minutes with an interval


‘Frank’s Closet is a modern monument to old-fashioned camp’ WhatsOnStage

Frank teeters on the precipice of marriage to his beloved Alan, who has given him an ultimatum – he must give up the toys and joys of singledom, and donate his fabulous collection of the dresses of iconic divas to the V&A. Amidst continual calls from Alan, his mother, and once (briefly) his father, Frank retreats into a fantasy world where he is The Chairman of The Music Hall.

Through the magical portal of his closet door, the divas visit him in turn, aided and abetted by a quartet of Gaiety Girls. Each diva delivers a musical number containing a gem of good, or at least well intentioned, advice. But will frocks or fiancé ultimately triumph…?

Frank’s Closet is a high-camp, witty and poignant show, framed by the artifice of the musical hall  and propelled by the increasingly surreal musical turns of the divas.

Frank’s Closet explores the conflict between fantasy and responsibility, liberty and conformity, with wit and heart, in a way that will chime with anyone who’s ever pondered the joys and terrors of a lifetime of commitment….


Andy Moss

Luke Farrugia

Gaiety Girl Gertie Snipe
Jack Rose

Gaiety Girl Daisy Dares
Sarah Freer

Gaiety Girl Carrie Poppers
Olivia McBride

Gaiety Girl Alice Plate
Oliver Bradley-Taylor

Sheila Blige
Paul Toulson


Sasha Regan

Musical Director
Anto Buckley

Jo McShane

Production Designer
Catherine Phelps

Lighting Designer
Ben Bull

Costume & Wigs Designer
Steven Metcalfe

David Furnell

Assistant Production Designer
Ruth Varela

Make-Up Designer
Sue Mann

Indie Rivers

Assistant Director
Owen Clayton

Stage Manager
Stephen Freeman

General Manager
Alistair Lindsay

Casting Director
Adam Braham

Kevin Wilson

Karim-Pasha Ladbon, Stephen MacLeod Barnes & The Union Theatre