The Bastard Sons of Catford Elvis

  • Written by
    Tim French

"There's one like him in every town, with their hair, their clothes, walk and the talk. The Elvis wannabes."


  • Dates
    3 September 2024 - 7 September 2024
  • Times
  • 7.30pm


  • Full Price£20
  • Concession£16

Running Time

  • 120 minutes with an interval


Best mates, Danny and Billy, tell the story of their “quest” to meet and confront Danny’s birth father – whom he has never met – after receiving a cryptic invite to a rock & roll event, where John is performing as a self-styled rock & roll artiste.

The young men’s journey recalls Billy falling for the attractive Lisa Marie, a case of mistaken identity, the reflections of a mealy-mouthed bouncer, as well as revelations from Danny’s mum, Brigitte. John has plans involving his personal career, but needs Danny’s complicity for them to work out effectively.

A fast-paced rock & roll musical, which excited audiences when it made its debut at The Bridge House Theatre, Penge and later at the Brockley Jack Theatre, in 2023, the production questions parenting responsibilities, relationships and personal aspirations.

Bolstered with original rock & amp; roll numbers, a live band and humorous references to Elvis, the play promises a rollicking good time for all.


"The Bastard Sons of Catford Elvis has excellent laughs in it and the six cast got to show off their singing skills in front of a terrific band" Michael Holland - Southwark News "The comedy was uproarious and the songs were all original and blasted out in rock and roll style with a nod to the real Elvis." Fairy Powered Productions