The Green Room

  • Presented by
    Mind The Gap Theatre Company


  • Dates
    19 January 2024 - 19 January 2024
  • Times
  • 6.30pm


  • Full Price£10


What if the point of your existence was to be characters in stories? Because without you, stories
would fade away. But here’s the thing, what if…you didn’t know?
Imagine that for them to exist in the first place; every story ever told, ever thought, ever written
first had to be enacted? Brought to life? But by who? This is the purpose of the beings in The
Green Room. Not human. Not on Earth. Not sure where or what they are. The only thing they
know is their job. A job that they must do for eternity. Be. Characters.
In The Green Room, you are either a Background Character, a Tertiary character or a
Secondary Character. The Main characters, however, live in their stories. They believe that they
are real. Until one day, due to a Tertiary character with delusions of grandeur, a Main turns up in
The Green Room for the first time. With her entire reality shattered around her.

‘The Green Room’ has been branded a ‘Comedy Satire’ play. Satirising genre and storytelling
tropes, specifically the Romantic Comedy genre. It is a character based play which deals with
the themes of power, status and human nature. It works with Existentialism. The idea that
people don’t have a nature or essence but instead they are formed through actions and choices.
The play is abstract, taking inspirations from Brecht’s Epic Theatre, with intentionally poor acting
in certain scenes, breaking the fourth wall and entering the audience. With our company’s goal
of reminding people of the ordinary, the play puts characters in extraordinary places and
situations, and yet still observes that when it comes down to it, these characters are no different
from normal people. Then, how and why?

T-65: “I’m going to get kidnapped in an hour. I hate getting kidnapped.”
T-04: “It’s not meant to be enjoyable. Are you getting killed?”
T-65: “Nah, don’t think so. Just a little bit maimed.”
T-04: “Lovely.”
T-65: “Yeah. You?”
T-04: “Eaten by a zombie, I believe.”