Water Party

  • Written by
    Mimi Collins
  • Presented by
    Bespoke Plays


  • Dates
    25 January 2024 - 25 January 2024
  • Times
  • 7.30


  • Full Price£5

Running Time

  • 75 minutes


Set in the not too distant future, a population boom and resource crisis have resulted in the placement of birth control in the water supply. If you want to have a baby, you and your partner undergo a rigorous application process. All applications are processed by an algorithm, run by The Bureau.

When a couple is approved, they receive a year’s supply of clean water. It is customary to throw a Water Party to celebrate. This is the story of one such party.

Water Party marks the UK premiere of Bespoke Plays, a reading series created by Christine Boylan and Ellie Pyle. Their mission is to offer play readings customized to the goals of the writer and readiness of the play, for writers with diverse stories and worldviews, while supporting local charities and nonprofits. Bespoke Plays started in Los Angeles, California, and has also been produced in New York City, and now London.

For future updates, follow @BespokePlays on Twitter and Instagram. To get involved, reach out to mimicollins288@gmail.com.


Analiese Emerson

Jay Faisca

Madeleine Herd

Eva-Marie Kung

Jake Solari

Nathan Adams Stark

Rui Maria Pego